Shilomi Massage Therapy

Tonga’s Life to Peace

Shilomi is the unwritten yet scientifically correct Tongan living art of acupressure massage therapy. It is the hands-on manifestation of ‘ofa skilfully delivered into the soft tissues of the body to directly enable the physical and energy systems to flush, revitalize and transform. The tissues are gently but firmly loosened, separated and loved. It encompasses releasing and forgiving, bringing all aspects of the self-sino, atamai and laumalie into harmonious alignment.

Shilomi is the eclectic fusion of the mystique of Japanese Zen shiatsu and the exotic Polynesian mana of Tongan lomilomi refined into an awesome healing experience of treating human pain and suffering. It is a model for human enlightenment based on traditional health and potential rather than one of western pathology and disease. The philosophy behind the technique can be applied to everyday life. It is simple, holistic, practical, and embodies the essence of Tonga wholeness: monimonitonu – “oku ou ongo’I lelei mo nonga” (I feel good, and in peace)

Every session started is the first on the planet.

Shilomi Massage Therapy

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Price Range

Fusion Message Therapy $60.00 per person


Fakafanua Building, Ma’ufanga, Nuku’alofa, Tonga