Spa and Beauty with Kingdom Travel

Imagine yourself on the beautiful island of Tonga with the sun in your face, the wind in your hair and the calm sea breeze at your fingertips. Why not let us add that extra bit of relaxation to your holiday with one of our island style spa treatments, pamper yourself with our beautification services and unwind with one of our salons.

Hair Salon and Beauty Parlour

Tom and Ying have been in business here in the Kingdom for over 5 years. Their experience with the Tongan people has led them to discover the true island preference. Ying has been certified to take those stressful knots from your back, to bring colour to your life and to truly highlight the island sun with bright vibrant freshly polished nails.

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Price Range


           Full body- $80TOP (for 1 hour)

           Full body- $40TOP (30min.)

           Feet- $50TOP (40min.)


           Nail polish only- $15TOP

           Nail- $20TOP

           (cut, file, cuticles treated & paint)

           Manicure- $30TOP

           Pedicure- $30TOP

           Shellac nail polish- $40TOP

           Acrylic w/white tips- $50TOP


           Eyelashes extension- $100TOP

                 *(for the first time), $80TOP, $35TOP

           Ear pierce- $10TOP

           Tattoo eyebrow- $60TOP


Ma’ufanga, Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu