Joe’s Kahana Resort

Kahana Resort Hotel, is a four star standards constructed resort.

The hotel is located in the beautiful main island of the kingdom, which is Tongatapu Island and beside the Fanga’uta Lagoon. Which makes the geographical position superior.

The resort, including 10 different Mongolian style suites with solar heating water system and multifunctional hall, providing hundreds of seat restaurant and function rooms and other facilities. Each facility is decorated elegantly.

Situated in a quiet neighborhood, an idyllic scene, comfortable with utmost service provided for our customers.

The resort since the opening has been advocated “to provide five star service” and strive to satisfy customer needs. We promise to provide you with a perfect warm and sincere service during your stay. Our staff are committed to offering you the best service.

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Alaivahamama’o Bypass Road,




Price Range

Elegant Double Room: $280TOP per night

Magnolian Yurt Double Room: $2500TOP per night

Pleasantness suite: $150TOP per night

*Each room includes a mini bar facility for drinks. There is a total of 100mb free wifi that is available for any where in the Resort.


Shangri-La Hall: $900TOP (Capacity of 200-250 people)

Paradise Island: $600TOP (Capacity of 60-1000 people)

VIP Room (Twin): $200TOP (Capacity of 20-35 people)

Karaoke Room: $80TOP (Capacity of 20-40 people)

Mid-South Sea Room: $100TOP (Capacity of 10-18 people)

South Sea Room: $50TOP (Capacity of 200-250 people)

East Sea Room: $50TOP (Capacity of 6-12 people)

North Sea Room: $50TOP (Capacity of 6-12 people)

*Venue rental incls. setting up of tables and chairs only;
*Venue rental price quoted is for 4 hours (extra hour will be charged, this excludes the karaoke room)
*Customers are allowed to bring their own food and drinks. See fee may apply for certain occasions.
*All venue rentals require advance payment of 50% deposit and full payment is required 2 days prior to the event