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Us & the Community

Kingdom Travel is actively involved in our community. Proudly supporting with the Open Heart surgery team visits to the Kingdom, SPAW veterinarians to care for pets and livestock all over Tongatapu. The Travel Centre also took part, actively helping with the Ha’apai Relief Fund, following the post cyclone trauma that affected the people of the Ha’apai Island.

SPAW in Tonga

SPAW is a New Zealand run animal aid organisation working in Pacific Islands. Over the years SPAW has made regular trips into the Kingdom saving and treating thousands of lives of beloved pets and livestock in Tonga. Kingdom Travel helps set up these SPAW clinics, covers bookings, logistics and anything else to ensure that these clinics run smoothly.

Open Heart International

Open Heart International is a volunteer driven organisation based on helping those suffering of Rheumatic and Congenital heart disease in developing countries, established in 1985 with their first visit to Tonga. In 2013 a team of 43 staff consisting of surgeons, pathologists, anaesthetists, nursing staff and various other professions came to Tonga. Kingdom Travel was able to assist in freighting over 2 tonnes worth of cargo in medicine, machinery and equipment. Sue was also there on the scene helping out with photography, documenting the whole operation.

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Help Ha’apai Relief

January 10th 2014 a state of emergency was declared for Tonga as Cyclone Ian ravaged the Ha’apai islands. 300 to 400 families had their homes severely damaged or destroyed.

Sue was one of the first to be on the scene shortly after along with a team to survey the damage.

Help Ha’apai Relief Fund was set up by Kingdom Travel Centre. Tens of thousands of dollars was raised and bought building materials that were sent to Ha’a’pai along with builders to help in the relief programme.

WOWs Tonga

WOWS (Walk On Walk Strong) Tonga is a Charitable Trust helping children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Kingdom Travel Centre Sponsored the Laughing Samoans trip to Tonga for the WOWs Festival in December 2014. The purpose was to raise funds to build a playground for the children’s ward at the Vaiola hospital. The project was estimated at more than $250,000 but was completed at just over $100,000.

Creativity in the Kingdom

October 2014 Kingdom Travel sent two local Tongan artists to Auckland to take part in an annual art exhibition for Tongan artists group No’o Fakataha. Tanya Edwards and Lu’isa Fonua held daily koka’anga workshops for educational purposes at the Fresh Gallery in Otara.

Breast Cancer Awareness

2015 with Pink October. Kingdom Travel was fortunate enough to join in the awareness by commissioning local artist Tevita Latu to do a piece which was put up for auction along with a ticket for two to Auckland. All proceeds went to Vaiola Hospital.

Gold Coast Cup

Kingdom Travel were able to send Kiko to represent Tonga to compete in the Gold Coast Cup an annual rowing competition that takes place in Australia. He was one of a few chosen to represent the pacific with their team the Waka Bros.