Deep Blue Diving

With Deep Blue you can choose from a range of activities from the adventurous to the more leisurely. We offer WHALE SWIM, SCUBA DIVING, REEF FISHING, SNORKELING, MAKAHA’A ISLAND DAY TRIPS AND BOAT CHARTERS.

Consistently over last several years, we have our first sighting for each season around June 10. Whales arrive from their long journey first at ‘Eua Island and Tongatapu, before any of the other islands in the group. Increasingly over the years, whale numbers in these two islands show an increasing trend.

Whales travel up from Antartica so they arrive at ‘Eua Island and Tongatapu first before any other islands in the Tonga group. Many whales stay in these two islands because of its calm and warm waters, and we note the numbers sighted at Tongatapu and ʻEua are increasing over the last 5 years. There are only 3 whale watching boats in Tongatapu and 2 boats in ʻEua Island. We believe less boats in the water, lower engine speeds and noise, means less disturbance, less threat for the whales, hence the increasing trend in Tongatapu and ʻEua Islands.