White Sands Tonga

White Sands Resort

White Sands is set on one of the best beaches on Tongatapu island and is a great place for a gathering of friends and family.

Fafa Island

Fafa Island Resort

Tonga’s most exclusive Island resort boasts 13 exquisite Tongan fale inspired villas.

Holty's Hideaway

Holty’s Hideaway

Holty’s Hideaway is situated on the North Western tip of Tongatapu Island, about 25 minutes from the Capital City Nuku’alofa.


Talitali’anga Eco-Resort

Talitali’anga Eco Resort is Tonga’s newest accommodation option and one of the few eco options available in the Kingdom.

Fins And Flukes Resort Tonga

Ha’apai Beach Resort

Ha’apai Beach Resort is nestled on the beach, with views of turquoise waters and surrounding islands.

KiteSurfing Tonga

Fanifo Lofa – Kitesurfing

Looking for a premium tropical kitesurfing destination in the South Pacific? Look no further than Final Lofa.

Kingdom Travel Centre

Loumaile Lodge

Named after traditional Tongan flora, Loumaile Lodge is located right in the heart of Nuku’alofa.

Emerald Hotel and Restaurant

Emerald Hotel & Restaurant

Emerald Hotel & Restaurant is a boutique hotel conveniently situated in the heart of the capital.

Little Italy Hotel Tonga

Little Italy

Little Italy is located along the waterfront just a 10 minute walk from Nukualofa town centre.